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Getting started with general settings
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You can modify your Shift preferences all from right inside of your Shift Settings. Each time you close and reload Shift or access Shift on a different device, your settings will be saved. To access General settings, go to Options (lower left corner) > Settings > General. Below are a few notable General settings to help get you started 🤗


Support and Updates

Use this page for quick access to the Shift Knowledge Base, Check for updates, and move among update channels. By default, everyone starts in the Stable channel as this is the most "stable" version of Shift. 


To find out the latest available version of Shift, head to our Release Notes section here.


Wondering what Beta and Alpha is? Learn more about Beta here. Learn more about Alpha here.



Use this page to change your theme, sidebar style, app menu, unread badge, and link address preview settings. The Show unread messages badge is a global setting. If turned off, no badges will show in your sidebar! We recommend keeping this turned on then setting your badge preferences for your individual emails and accounts. This setting will control the badge settings for all Workspaces.


You can also change your theme and sidebar style by right-clicking on the "+" in the lower left corner and selecting from the popup menu.


Tray Options

You can modify your tray preferences to have the Shift icon appear in your tray (top menu for Mac users, bottom right for Windows users) and display notifications, or to not have Shift appear in your tray. 




Use this page to view the Shift Tour, toggle your Auto-Launch and Sent with Shift signature preferences, and more. This is also where your global notification and notification sound preferences are. We recommend leaving these global settings turned on, then toggling your individual email, and app notification preferences as needed (similar to the global badge preference mentioned in the Appearance section above).

Learn more notification preferences for emails here.


Learn more notification preferences for apps here.


Learn more notification preferences for Workspaces here.


Spell check

Spell check helps you identify and correct mistakes in your writing. Enable spell check for the language that you wish to use while writing in Shift.

Note: only one language can be enabled at a time



What's next?

Learn about managing email and calendar notifications in Shift here. 


Learn about managing notifications for apps here.


Complete your setup and learn about Shift's best features in our Getting Started section here.


Need help?

Get in touch with our support team here.

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