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How to subscribe to the Alpha channel
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Shift has three separate channels: Alpha, Beta, and Stable. By default, everyone starts in the Stable channel. As the name indicates, it's the most "stable" version of the product. If you are looking for the cleanest experience, Stable is the channel for you.

You can move amoung channels as much as you want! We recommend having all computers on the same channel, however. Learn how to switch back to Beta or Stable from Alpha here.


If you're keen to get access to cutting-edge features, updates, and the latest bug fixes you can subscribe to our Alpha channel. The Alpha channel contains our smallest percentage of power users who have access to features and fixes first. It is quite a bit more experimental in nature than the Beta and Stable channels, so it's common to find a few more issues on it than the other channels. While a safe environment to be in, but it is definitely more unstable than Beta and Stable. Get access to cutting-edge features, as long as you have the patience to put up with potentially a few more potential bugs! 🐛🐞

When you subscribe to Alpha, you'll also get access to our exclusive Alpha Release Notes emails!


How to Subscribe to the Alpha channel

  1. Go to Options (lower left) > Settings > General > Support and Updates
  2. Click Alpha on the right-hand side and accept any notices
  3. A prompt will appear after a minute or two to let you know a new version is available. Accept the upgrade prompt
  4. Allow Shift to reload and you will be on the Alpha channel interacting with new features and updates

If you prefer not to move onto Alpha please be assured that the fix or feature will be released on our Beta and Stable channel in the coming weeks.


What's next?

Learn how to access the Beta channel here.


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