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How to subscribe to the Alpha channel
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 🎉Shift v8 is here! To gain access to v8, subscribe to the Alpha channel. 🎉

Check out our Shift v8 resources, here.


You're here, which means you're likely thinking about (or already have) updating to the Alpha channel.


Before you update, please read through this article so that you're set up for success in the Alpha environment (this is especially important if you've already switched to Alpha). 


What is the Alpha channel?

At Shift, we're continually releasing new updates to introduce new features, bug fixes, and the general maintenance that comes with a software product. Consequently, each release moves through a 3-stage process. The latest features, updates, and bug fixes are published to the Alpha channel first (0.35% of all users). They are then published to Beta (1.23% of all users), and finally to Stable (98.43% of all users). Each release typically sits in a channel for 2-3 weeks before moving on to the next channel.


Who is the Alpha channel designed for?

By nature, the Alpha channel is the most experimental, and subscribers are exposed to a higher risk of coming across other existing bugs 🐛🐞. You should subscribe to the Alpha channel if:


  • You're technically savvy and have a higher tolerance for bugs ✔
  • You love testing out new features and functionality ✔
  • You're familiar with development tools and the bug reporting process (to report a bug, submit a ticket here) ✔ 
  • You take the time to click around and thoroughly understand the ins and outs of a product ✔

I'm a Power User - How do I subscribe to the Alpha channel?

  1. Go to Options (lower left) > Settings > General > Support and Updates
  2. Click Alpha on the right-hand side and accept any notices
  3. A prompt will appear after a minute or two to let you know a new version is available. Accept the update prompt
  4. Allow Shift to reload and you will be on the Alpha channel interacting with the latest features and updates

You can revert back to the Stable channel at any time. Learn how to do so, here.

If you have Shift installed on more than 1 computer, you should subscribe to the same channel across all your devices


What's next?

Already on v8 and want to move back to v7? Learn how here.


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