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Updates to our Privacy Policy & Terms of Use

At Shift, we value productivity, privacy, and transparency above all, so we wanted to loop you in on some important changes we’re making to our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use that will go into effect on May 4, 2018.

Here’s a summary of the updates: 

  • In preparation for the upcoming changes to data protection laws in Europe (GDPR) we have made the decision to roll out the same rights to privacy to all of our valued customers around the globe.

  • These changes align with our ongoing commitment to respecting individuals’ privacy and responsibility in handling personal data and ensuring that email communication about features and promotions respects user preferences.

  • All Shift users are encouraged to fully review the details in our Privacy Policy, Terms of Use & EULA.

  • We are communicating all changes with our current customers about these changes on our website and in-app.

  • We have added an in-depth description of our practices and outlined how we work with third-party partners and online channels to ensure complete transparency about the information we have about users, and how they interact with Shift.

  • We want you to have more control over your information. Our policy explains the measures we have taken to keep your information secure.

Thanks for using Shift! Remember, we are just an email away at if you have any feedback, questions or concerns.

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  • 03-May-2018