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Why does Shift ask to send emails on my behalf?

To start sharing your referral link

1. Open your Options tray (three dots in the left-hand corner)

2. Click on the referral icon 

3. Click on "Invite Email Contacts." Here you will find your custom email, which can be sent without even opening a Compose window.

Shift asks for permission to send emails on your behalf, as part of the standard Google authentication process for this feature. Shift will never send an email without your permission. This request is added for customers who use the in-app email referral program only.

Emails sent through the referral button are pre-drafted and set up to include your unique sharing link, so all you have to do is customize as you like, and hit send. Each time someone creates a Shift Advanced account with your link, you get credit. These emails will never be sent without you hitting send.

Find the "Invite Email Contacts" Button in Settings under the Referral Bonus tab.

After choosing to invite your email contacts, you will see the page shown below. Choose the email you wish to share or customize it (but make sure you keep your referral code the same). Select who you want to send your referral link with and click "Send Now" at the bottom to start sharing. 

Read more about our rewarding referral program here.

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  • 03-Sep-2020