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Gmail's New Web Interface in Shift

Gmail will be introducing a new web interface soon, and it adds to the functionality, and beauty of Shift!

The new Gmail Web interface will make multitasking easier, streamlining your workflow, and providing offline support.

The best part is that all of these features will be available in Shift for all of your Gmail accounts. Shift will take care of letting you toggle between your accounts with ease, while Gmail takes care of the workflows within your accounts.

Here’s a full list of the upcoming features  Gmail features:

New Interface

  • The new Gmail web interface comes with a sleek new design that looks great with Shift light theme.

Calendar Multitasking

  • Schedule a meeting by email while glancing at your calendar at the same time. For a full week view, toggle over to Calendar in Shift.

Smart Reply

  • Gmail’s smart reply feature offers suggested responses to emails to help you respond faster and more efficiently.

Email “Snoozing”

  • Snooze emails to have them return to your inbox later on.

Offline Support

  • This is one of our favorite new additions, coming soon! The ability to work offline in Gmail and all of your favorite Google Apps, when off the grid.

For a sneak peek and more information on Gmail’s new web interface, check out this article:

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  • 30-Jul-2018