Shift 2.8 - Released 2018-04-04

Happy Spring, Shift Bosses! Today we released Shift  2.8. Read on to see all the awesome new features and bug fixes.

Bug Fixes

Resolved: Todoist will not re-open in Shift after being closed.

  • Users can now exit the Todoist extension in Shift and be able to re-open it again.

Resolved: The Keyboard shortcut to toggle between apps works backward.

  • The keyboard shortcut will now toggle up with the up arrow shortcut ( Shift + CTRL + up arrow) and down with the down arrow shortcut (Shift + CTRL + down arrow).

Feature Updates

Shift 2.8 comes with an entirely new look. Introducing the Light Theme for Shift, a fresh new perspective on our UI. Choose the lighter side of Shift by going to Settings > General > Appearance > Choose your theme [Light | Dark ]. Anyone new to Shift will be able to select a theme when they first sign in.  


A new loading icon and progress bar have been added to Shift to provide feedback when a page is loading.

We’ve introduced tons of new apps including Flow, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, iCloud, and Sanebox. For a complete list, see here:

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