What is the Cost for an Existing Shift Pro User to Upgrade to Advanced?

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If you are an existing Pro user wanting to upgrade to Advanced, your existing subscription will be prorated upon upgrade.

You might be wondering what prorated means…basically, it is the following: the price of the new Advanced plan ($99.99/year) minus the price you initially paid to upgrade to Pro ($19.99/year) multiplied by the fraction of time remaining in the subscription.

For example, if you upgraded to Pro on August 1, 2017, and today’s date is Nov 1, 2017, then you have 9 months left on your annual Pro subscription.

We calculate the cost of your remaining subscription by doing the following calculation:

(Cost of Advanced Subscription - Cost of Pro Subscription) x Fraction of Time Remaining on Subscription = Price to Upgrade


($99.99 - $19.99) x 9/12 = $60

Please note, if you have a coupon, it will be applied at your next billing date.



Upgrade to Pro

Upgrade to Advanced

Next Billing Period


Aug 1, 2017

Nov 1, 2017

Aug 1, 2018


($99.99 - $19.99) x 9/12

Outstanding coupon applied for $30


Coupon for $30 Applied
(to be applied at next billing period)

$99.99 - $30 = $69.99

Price Paid




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  • 11-Jun-2019