How Does the Pricing Change Affect Existing Shift Users?

For our Shift Founding Members or anyone who upgraded to Shift Pro prior to our Shift 2.0 launch on Nov 1, 2017, we are honoring the original Shift Pro price of $19.99, for life.

As a Shift Founding Member, your account will be automatically entered into our grandfathered system, and you can continue to use Shift Pro. No need to lift a finger! You will be automatically prompted to restart Shift and upgrade to Shift 2.0 as soon as it is released.

On your Shift Pro subscription renewal date, you will be charged $19.99 as you have been grandfathered in.  

The best part? Shift Pro Founding Members  will also enjoy access to two brand new 2.0 features:  

  • Notification Muting

  • Access to Google Services

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  • 02-Jan-2018