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Shift supports all of the web apps you know and love! You can choose from over 1500+ applications to add to your setup. Add multiple instances of the same app to manage multiple accounts and differentiate by adding custom colors to each app.


Check out our full list of apps here.


Add an app to Shift

  1. Click the plus sign in the bottom left and select "Add Application" 
  2. Scroll through categories or use the search bar
  3. Add the app to your sidebar by using the + in the upper right corner of the app
  4. Name the account, choose a color, and click "Save". Your new app will appear in your sidebar

Can't find the app you're looking for? Tell us which one we should add next by completing our survey.


Delete an app

You can delete any app from your Shift workstation by following these steps:

1. Right-click on the app icon in your sidebar.

2. Select delete.

You can add the app back at any point if you change your mind. This can also be an effective troubleshooting method if you are experiencing issues with any app in Shift. 


What's the difference between an app and an extension in Shift?

An application operates in the same manner as a web app that you would use online. Using an extension in Shift offers the same experience you would find using a browser extension. Extensions are accessible in each item in your sidebar in Shift, but an app will only be accessible by clicking on it in your sidebar. 



What's next?

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Need help? 

Get in touch with our support team here.

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