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How to use the Mute Notifications tool
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Don't want to be disturbed by your notifications? Need them turned off during a meeting or just need some time to yourself? Use the Mute Notifications feature in Shift to stop desktop popups and all sounds in Shift. 😏 The Mute Notifications feature allows you to:


  • Temporarily disable email, calendar, and app notifications (desktop popups)

  • Temporarily mute notification and playback sounds

  • Choose to mute for a set time or during a scheduled meeting in any of your added email accounts (does not apply to app calendars)

The Mute Notifications feature is only available for paid users. If you have a free account, you can still turn off all notifications in your settings. Learn how here.


How to enable the Mute Notifications tool

  1. Click on Options (lower-left corner)
  2. Click on the bell icon
  3. Choose from the options list or type in a time and click "Mute"


How to permenantly disable desktop notifications

If you would like to turn off all your notifications permanently, follow these steps: 


  1. Go to Options (lower left corner) > Settings > General > Functionality
  2. Scroll to find Show notifications and Play notification sound and toggle them OFF on the right-hand side

This setting is available for all users


There are some apps that have their own native sounds, which may not be disabled, even though your notifications are turned off in your settings. Examples of these apps include Slack, Facebook, Messenger, WhatsApp, and others. Head into these apps individually to disable these sounds.




What's next?

Learn about notification management for apps here.


Learn about notification management for emails and calendars here.


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Need help?

Get in touch with our support team here.

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