How do I Mute my Notifications?

Going into a meeting? Just need some time to yourself? You can mute your notifications in Shift by following the steps below!

Shift Advanced users
If you are a Shift Advanced user, muting your notifications is extremely easy!


Here are the smart muting options in Shift:

  • Mute both Email and Calendar notifications

  • Mute notifications for custom times

  • Sync notification muting with your calendar. This will automatically mute notifications while you’re in meetings


The following steps will allow you to mute any/all of your Google services notifications for your preferred amount of time:

1. Click the bell icon in top left corner
2. Toggle the Google services you would like to mute
3. Input how long you would like to mute your notifications for
4. Click on Mute to save your settings

Shift Basic/Free users
Unfortunately, there isn't a true "mute" function for Shift - Basic; however, you can alter the notification settings so it doesn't show ANY notifications.

1. Go to Settings by clicking on the wrench icon
2. Navigate to the Accounts tab
3. Disable "Show unread badge" and "Show notification" toggles

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  • 30-Jan-2020