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How do I Mute my Notifications?

Going into a meeting? Just need some time to yourself? You can mute your notifications in Shift by following the steps below.

The notification muting feature is only available in Shift Advanced. If you use Shift Basic, you can still turn off notifications in your settings. 

If you are a Shift Advanced user, muting your notifications is extremely easy.


Muting Notifications can:

  • Mute both Email and Calendar notifications.

  • Mute notifications for a specific time period. 

  • Sync notification muting with your calendar. This will automatically mute notifications while you’re in meetings.

Muting Notifications

The following steps will allow you to mute your notifications for your preferred amount of time:

1. Click on the Options menu.
2. Click on the bell icon.
3. Input how long you would like to mute your notifications for and choose what notifications you would like muted (email, calendar, and/or apps).
4. Click on Mute to save your settings.

Turning off Notifications

If you would like to turn off all your notifications indefinitely, you can follow these steps: 

This setting is available for both Shift Basic and Advanced users. 

1. Go to the Options menu and click on the Settings wrench.
2. Navigate to the Accounts tab.
3. Disable the "Show unread badge" and "Display Total App count" toggles and set the "Get email notifications" setting to "None" or "Important. for any email accounts that you would like to turn off notifications for. 

4. Now, go to the Apps tab in your settings and click on "Installed Apps". Turn off badges and notifications for any apps you like. 

5. Finally, go to the General tab and click on Functionality.

6. Toggle off "Show notifications" and "Play Notification Sound" to turn off all sounds and desktop notification alerts.  

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  • 28-Jul-2020