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Using Extensions in Shift
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Extension library

Extensions are tools that allow you to utilize new features in Shift and personalize your experience. Extensions can help streamline tasks or add extra features to your email that make work easier. Shift currently supports 13 Chrome Extensions that are integrated into the Shift extension library:


Note: extensions are only available for Shift Advanced and Shift for Teams users.


 How to add an extension to Shift

  1. Open Shift and go to Options (bottom left corner) > Settings > Extensions
  2. Browse the extension list and toggle on the extension(s) you wish to use
  3. Once toggled ON, navigate back to your email account and click on the "Extensions" icon in the top right corner to log in


How to log into an extension in Shift


You will need to sign in to the extension of your choice in each email account, application, and Workspace you've added to your setup. Through the use of separate partitions, you can utilize different accounts for the same extension or simply log into the same account of your extension multiple times.


It's very important to authenticate within the Shift browser when logging into an extension. If you log into the extension outside of Shift in your default browser, you won't get signed into the extension properly. We recommend temporarily setting links to open within Shift during the extension login process. Go to Options (lower left) > Settings > General > Functionality > scroll to find "Open links in Shift" and enable the setting:



How to disable an extension in Shift

  1. Go to Options (bottom left corner) > Settings > Extensions

  2. Click on the slider next to the Extension you wish to disable


What's next?

Looking for an extension not on the list? Let us know here.


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