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What is Shift? How can I use Shift?
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Shift is a customizable productivity tool downloaded on your desktop that offers a better way for you to organize and streamline your emails, apps, and workflows. Shift was created by a small, dedicated team of people tired of experiencing the all too familiar struggle of having 5 browser windows, each with 10 tabs and 5 apps open all at once. Shift offers a better way to bring order, spend less time clicking among tabs, and stay on top of notifications. 


Main features

  • Emails: Connect any of your Gmail, GSuite, Outlook, or Office 365 emails. Each email you add will automatically come with your email, calendar, and drive services


  • Web Apps: Search from over 1500+ app in our library


  • Workspaces: Use Workspaces to group together apps and utilize bookmarks. Create a Workspace for a client you work with, a project you manage, to plan your home renovation project, and everything in between. Use Workspaces just for yourself, or as a collaboration tool by sharing it with a friend or colleague


  • Focused Browsing: You can open web tabs within each email, app, and Workspace that you add to your setup. You can pin your tabs for quick access later on


  • Extensions: Shift supports a small, but robust list of Chrome extensions. Log into your extensions within each email, app, and Workspace you add. You can log into the same account across everything, or different accounts for different clients or projects. It's a little bit of work up front, but worthwhile!


  • Notification Management: Customize your badge and desktop popup preferences for emails, apps, and Workspaces


  • Unified Search: Search across your emails, calendars, and drive services


  • Auto-Hibernate: optimize performance to snooze those less-frequently used items while staying on top of notifications with customizable settings


  • Mute Notifications: think of this as a "do not disturb" setting that mutes desktop pop-ups and all notification sounds for a set time or while you're in a meeting


  • Password Management: save and auto-fill your passwords so you can log in faster and never have to worry about remembering your highly complex passwords again



What's next?

Get Started and Sign into Shift here.


Complete your setup and learn about Shift's best features in our Getting Started section here.


Need help?

Have questions? Get in touch with our support team here.

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