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How to cancel your Shift subscription
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All subscriptions to Shift are billed on an annual basis. You must opt out if you do not want your subscription to renew automatically. We send out reminder emails before your subscription renews to the last email you provided to us (your Primary Shift Account). Please check all your inbox folders, including spam in case our emails end up there.


When is my renewal date?

Check when your renewal date is in Shift by going to Options (lower-left corner) > Settings > Billing. The date format is MM/DD/YYYY.


How to cancel your Shift Advanced subscription

If you are an individual subscriber to Shift Advanced and wish to cancel your subscription, please log in to your Primary Shift Account on the Shift desktop app and do the following:


  1. Go to Options (lower-left corner) > Settings > Billing
  2. Click "Cancel Subscription" then "Proceed"

You can continue using your Shift Advanced account until your auto-renew date at which time your account will automatically be downgraded to a Shift Basic (Free) account and you will not be charged again. If you want to opt-in again, simply click "Renew Subscription" then "Proceed"



How to cancel a Team subscription

If you are your Team's Admin and wish to cancel your team/business account, please contact us by clicking on "Submit Ticket" towards the upper-right corner of this page, and our team will be happy to help you.


What's next?

Having trouble canceling your subscription? Read more about some simple troubleshooting steps here.


Review Shift's Pricing, Billing & Refund Policy here.


Need help?

Get in touch with our support team here.

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